Engaging Brand Loyalists For A’kin

Engaging & Enlisting Brand Loyalists To Achieve Sales And Market Share Growth

Campaign Overview

In 2016 A’kin underwent a brand refresh through new-look packaging and a new positioning in market. Impetus Media were enlisted to promote their relaunch into market.  Across successive campaigns we have achieved increases in brand awareness and sales


  • Establish A’kin as a leader in the natural skincare category
  • Achieve increases in MarComms objectives including brand awareness, recall and purchase rate
  • Achieve market share targets

How we did it

Audience First
Media channels and formats selected for this campaign needed to reach A’kin’s ‘growth’ target audience whilst not alienating their current heartland consumer – that way ensuring growth targets were met

Channel Selection
A cross-platform strategy was utilised to reflect how our audience consumes media and how they go through their decision-making journey – it also enabled us to meet the media goals in terms of reach and frequency

Contextual Relevance
To maximise engagement and education, placements were selected based on where the audience turns to for trusted advice on beauty & wellness information, as well as the environments that best reflect their personal lifestyles and aspirations

Flighting Strategy and Seasonality
Whilst there was a base “always on” component to the campaign, activity was specifically timed and in some cases, upweighted around key gifting periods.  Creative was also rotated based on the seasonal relevance of specific products across skincare, haircare and deodorant to maximise consumer interest

Strength of Negotiations
The campaign achieved a very strong ROI in terms of negotiated rates and value-adds (330%+).  Perhaps more crucially was the additional editorial coverage secured which helped to cement A’kin in market and in the mindset of consumers


  • Sales up 23% YTD (Jul-Dec17) compared to LY (Domestic up 14%)
  • Prompted Awareness lifted 6% during the campaign period
  • Brand Trust saw an increase of 3% increase over the 6 month campaign period