Inventive Media For Doctors’ Health Fund

Inventive Media Strategy & Immersive Execution Smashing Acquisition Targets

Campaign Overview

Doctors’ Health Fund welcomed the return of their incumbent Marketing Manager from maternity leave in November 2017. This paved the way to trialling new and targeted media channels and creative executions as well as increasing the spend to capitalise on two competitors’ debacles.


  • To break through the competitive clutter during key acquisition periods
  • Drive qualified leads with high conversion potential, cost-effectively
  • Increase Acquisition

How we did it

Targeting New Interns

  • Facebook was an obvious choice to reach the new Medical Interns as they enjoy their last ‘Days of Freedom’ (after graduation and before embarking on their Internship)
  • Average User Response rate of the DHF FB ad during Dec-Feb was 1.28%. This has exceeded the FB benchmark of 0.83% (average industry benchmark for ‘Healthcare’, 2017 Facebook Advertising Benchmarks)

Geo-fencing Doctors around Private and Public Hospital locations

  • Using social media to prospect doctors in and around their high-pressure work environments to maximise message relevance
  • Retarget them outside of work when they have more time to take action resulted in a 300% increase in leads via retargeting

Geo-targeting WA

  • To capitalise on a competitive opportunity and tapping into the parochial nuances of the WA consumers (HBF were planning to join forces with HCF)
  • Recommended a WA state specific campaign to target disgruntled doctors once HBF announced plans to merge with HCF

Integrated Channel Strategy to provide comprehensive support of various promotions

  • Achieved YOY 16% growth 6 weeks in advance

Amplification Strategy to achieve the Extended FY 17/18 Acquisition Target

  • Increased digital campaign weight by FOUR-folds to combat competitive noise level and to capitalise on BUPA and HBF’s debacles
  • Recommended the use of new-to-category creative executions (rich media expandable ad units)

  • Being immersive and informative, they had immediately evoked target interest and increased engagement, thus re-populating the Re-targeting Pool for conversion
  • User response rate far exceeded the standard ad unit, with a strong Click-Through-Rate (CTR) of 0.45% on average (standard ad: 0.06% CTR)

FY 17/18 vs FY 16/17 Outcomes

  • Annual quote completions doubled @ 4,570 vs 2,247
    • May/Jun quote completion increased by 492% from the last FY, with 1,693 recorded for this May/Jun period (FY16/17: 286)

  • YOY Web Traffic improved by 176%
  • YOY Cost Per Lead improved by 10%
  • Achieved the Extended Acquisition goal by another 600 members in 6 weeks
  • Total YOY sales increased by 21%