OZ Design Crisis Management

Crisis Management & Leveraging Relationship In Averting a Potential Production Disaster

Campaign objectives

  • Promote OZ Design Furniture’s June sale in preparation for EOFY
  • Raise awareness & inspiration to drive footfall and online traffic
  • Ultimately to increase sales

Campaign Execution

  • An 8-page Catalogue was produced highlighting key products and sale information, with sales ending 7 days after implementation
  • Targeting eastern seaboard markets, the catalogues were booked to appear within three metropolitan Sunday newspapers

The Glitches

  • Problem 1 – Initial delivery deadlines were not met
  • Problem 2 – when they arrived in NSW, poor packaging (no cardboard protection on corners and incorrect stacking) resulted in some damaged catalogues
  • Problem 3 – catalogues were spine stapled, not glued as per required guidelines

Potential Crisis

  • Inserts were to be rejected (too late for printers to send more)
  • If accepted, extra staff were required to manually sort and insert the catalogues, resulting in additional labour cost
  • High spoilage due to incorrect stacking

Crisis Management

Impetus Media successfully averted a potential disaster through quick-thinking and leveraging our strong relationship with our media partners

  • First, stringent insert delivery deadline was extended
  • Repeated direct liaison with the Insert Production Manager in each state resulted in a contingency plan being created whereby inserts were unpacked and restacked to flatten out in time for manual insertion
  • Negotiated for the stapled catalogues to be accepted without penalty

The Outcome

  • Extra staff were brought in BUT additional charges were NOT passed back to the client through our negotiation
  • Insert spoilage was minimised hence booked requirement was met
  • And most importantly, not only was the immediate promotion deemed a success, the insert also generated residual effects beyond the promotion period with corresponding sales lift for the rest of the month